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Lock in your lower utility bill rates

AEP Energy Rates Increasing  


AEP has announced their energy rates will be increasing by around 30% starting in June 2023 for at least a year. They are recommending that customers choose a fixed rate option (See below). You will still be billed and serviced through AEP.


Affordable Columbus has partnered with Xoom Energy for fixed rate options and with each new service acquired it will help feed a hungry child in Columbus through Project Feeding Kids and Feeding America.


It is fast and simple to do!


1) Get any of your past gas and electric bills

2) Go to and enter your zip code

3) Select AEP (when finalizing AEP, it should also prompt you to add Columbia Gas at the end)


4) Review the options. 

  • Typically a Fixed Plan that is about the length of how long you plan to occupy the apartment is what most people choose

  • The variable or shorter fixed terms start with lower rates but you will need to make sure to keep an eye on rates or go in an renew another fixed term once that term expires if you choose one of those cheaper plans in order to keep consistent savings


5) When prompted enter your Service Delivery Identifier ID. See below for where these are located on your bill.

  • You can also call AEP or Columbia Gas and ask them for it. 

    • AEP: 800-277-2177

    • Columbia Gas: 800-344-4077

*There is a picture of your bill below for reference.


Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 11.43.43 AM.png

6) When prompted, make sure to enter as the ACN Independent Business Owner.


Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 11.45.12 AM.png

7) If prompted for a credit check, choose to do it as this will waive your deposit. This is a soft pull that will not show up to banks or affect your credit. It simply checks to see if you owe Xoom Energy any outstanding balances on old accounts.

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